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.....and Russ McClelland’s Institute of Seasonology still has downloadable album and 45 artwork
Our E-book story of 'The Rise and Fall of the NEW Four Seasons We have the ultimate way to rate your CD’s and find what you have missed at our ‘mega’ CD Discography of all Valli/Seasons releasescan be downloaded here
And our 'updated June 2013' listings of Valli and the groups Masters from 1953 to 1974 can be found here


            And as we celebrate 50 years since the release of 'Sherry'
            We have the most comprehensive list of hits and their highest chart
       positions thanks to our US colleague Charles Alexander .
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This is  a fan site that celebrates every great line-up of the The Four Seasons from 1962 to 1994 and not just the original ‘Jersey Boys’ great though they are. We are grateful for  the contribution every member made to the ‘Sound of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons’

Established in 1971 and run by the same dedicated fans for much of the 40+ years since, we have been committed to help fans everywhere who are interested in their music. In these web pages we've provided some of our past paper scanned and pdf newsletters/articles which we hope gives informative background data on the 'Seasons'. The content has been gathered from our group of friends who enjoy the tremendous Four Seasons portfolio that spans the last five decades.

We are a sharing group that compiled two blogs and fanzine/newsletters for download from original research, memorabilia and articles from magazines and newspapers collected by the fans, plus gossip, news and opinion from the world wide web,'e-mail groups' and the officially ‘unofficial’ web site.

Although a biography exists documenting a part fictional story of the life and times of the group in the form of the ‘Jersey Boys’ musical we have re-issued past information to tell the real story behind the music in a form that collectors can store electronically or in paper format or just as a quick reference point. The aim of this group is to preserve the stories behind the music and to help anyone interested to collect, out of print information (data and music) in a collectable form.

Note: This group was accepted as the official UK fan club during the 1977 and all subsequent UK tours. This site however is in no way approved by the Four Seasons Partnership who own copyright in all material produced by the group and in the name.
The group provides its own research based on information published by others or in the public domain without supporting or advocating the content or accuracy. Opinions stated are not in any way associated with ‘The Partnership’. Copyright restriction has not been indicated for information used.

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