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The Four Seasons Motown 'Unreleased' Campaign
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Roll Of Honour
The group members With 'Family Tree' Discographies All Four Seasons and Bob Crewe Discographies CD Discogs
Our 'mega' CD Discography of all Valli/Seasons release from 1988 to 2010
The Female Four Seasons - The Rag Dolls - Jean Thomas' Web Site Last Newsletter
Final Newsletters Nr's 63 to 68 Past Newsletters
Past Newsletters Nr's 47 to 62 

Our research articles since 2006 now in two blogs an E-Book and the 1960s and Motown Masters listings.                                                                                                             
Chameleon's Blog from 2006 to 2011
Chameleon's Blog
And 'That 'Four Seasons" Sound' from 2011 to the present day
That four Seasons Sound Blog
Our E-book story of 'The Rise and Fall of the NEW Four Seasons can be downloaded hereThe Rise And Fall Chapters
And our 'Updated September 2018 ' listings of Valli and the groups Masters from 1953 to 1974 can be found here in their recordings 'Timeline'

  It is only right that we show.....what The Four Seasons Legendary 'Hits' were. This is the comprehensive list of hits and their highest chart positions thanks to our US colleague Charles Alexander as of 2014.
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From 2018 we are telling ‘The Four Seasons Story’ as we become a reference, collectors and data source for anyone studying the history of Frankie and the group over the last 50 + Years. There is access to a huge amount of Four Season information here in the web links above with articles, Newsletters and blogs which include published media clippings, music release data and concert reviews over the decades.

This is a fan club picture of ‘The Legacy’ of a legendary vocalist and group from and by their oldest fan club.

'L'Eridata' will be the musical legacy now being planned in the UK and USA.

This site contains.......

The roll of honour that documents the group members over the years upto circa 1994.

Our Discographies which provide the most comprehensive list of the groups vinyl  recordings anywhere on the web

Our  CD Discography which covers all major CD releases since the advent of CD’s in the late 1980s to 2010 with sound quality ratings

Our E-Book which tells the story of the group from Nick Massi and Charles Callelo’s departures till the closing of the formal fan club in 1981. Based on research and  interview with former group members.

There is a link to the story of the female Four Seasons…’The Rag Dolls’ led by Jean Thomas.

Our two blogs have run for over 12 years and these links enables access to every post and the research we have done.

The Masters Section cover the most comprehensive existing listing of all 'known' Frankie Valli and Four Seasons recordings with Session/Artist/Timeline/vinyl release data upto them leaving Motown in 1974 as gathered and verified over the last 40 + years with contributions from many fans living and passed.

This web site is dedicated to the late Rex Woodard, Frank Rovello, Stefan Wriedt, and Stuart Miller.

Music Detective heroes all. They are deeply missed.

Note: The UK Appreciation Society was accepted as the 'official' UK fan club during the 1977 and all subsequent UK tours upto Frankie Valli's retirement. This site however is in no way approved by the Four Seasons Partnership who own copyright in all material produced by the group and in the name.
This web site provides research based on information published by others or in the public domain without supporting or advocating the content or accuracy. Opinions stated are not in any way associated with ‘The Partnership’.
Copyright restriction has not been indicated for information used.